Dave Freeze

APRIL 16 2011!!

RippleRock Performance Consulting is based on the idea that “Better Is Always Possible”. It takes courage to dream big, and setting long-term aggressive goals is both scary and necessary if you want to be successful. Achieving these goals requires a belief in yourself, the right attitude, full commitment, a diversity of skills, and a great deal of support. We have developed an easy to follow approach to performance enhancement through personal awareness, long-term vision, and the development of skills to achieve sustainable and repeatable success. RippleRock takes pride in making the journey to success both memorable and enjoyable.

Dave’s workshops focus on entertaining and easy to follow theory sessions and the practical application of the material in settings specific to training performing and competition. Dave also works one-on-one with individuals in a coaching setting, helping to create vision, set goals, uncover inefficient behaviour and discover each individual’s secrets for success.

Dave has a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioural Science and spends his time working with athletes, performers and competitive teams to create and pursuit visions of greatness.

It has been Dave’s experience working with performers and athletes that the answers and solutions always lay within. He sees his job is to help access the root of the challenges, assist in finding solutions, while providing the necessary support and encouragement to keep forging ahead.

He is a patient and enthusiastic mental trainer and counsellor who is committed to results, and loves nothing better than assisting and inspiring others to follow their dreams and ambitions.

For more information or to book a spot with Dave, please contact Nikki at 604 626 1585 or e-mail at nikki@harmonyfarms.ca