Dougie Hannum


Dougie Hannum’s non-pharmaceutical approach to working on horses produces incredible results in alleviating sore backs, healing injuries, increasing range of motion and lateral suppleness, and recently in reducing the symptoms of Headshaking Syndrome and Shivers.


The Equine Therapy Group of Dougie Hannum, Corky Panarisi, and Grant Showalter, will be making a trip through Washington to British Columbia the week of the 15th of June, 2009. Their work on sore backs and range of motion in horses has produced outstanding results in all disciplines throughout the country. And countless people have been relieved of chronic pain through Corky’s amazing ability. If you wish to be included in this trip, please contact Nikki Ayers and include your address, phones and approximate number of horses. Thank you.

Nikki Ayers
18575 16th Ave
Surrey BC
604 626 1585

A brief biography of each follows:

Dougie Hannum, from Nottingham, PA, has shown horses in hand, shown Jumpers, been a groom for Olympic Teams, coached Olympic Show Jumpers and has been the Team Manager and Physical Therapist for our Olympic Eventing Team. He accompanied our Eventing Team to Aachen for the World Equestrian Games as the Team Manager as well as our Gold medal Pan Am team in Brazil. Most recently he was the Team Manager for the Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing Teams at the Olympic Games in Beijing. His non-pharmaceutical approach to working on horses produces incredible results in alleviating sore backs, increasing lateral suppleness and range of motion, healing injuries, and recently in arresting Head Shaking Syndrome and Shivers. He operated his own Equine Therapy Clinic in Nottingham, PA for 14 years.

Corky Panarisi spent 40 years operating his own Hunter, Jumper and Eventing barn in Ontario, Canada and has worked with numerous horsemen and veterinarians up and down the East coast. A series of strokes 20 years ago ended Corky’s riding career, but allowed him to continue his love of research and reading and the time to look at alternative healing. He was instrumental in establishing the Special Ability Riding Institute and the D’Al School of Equine Massage Therapy in his home town of London, Ontario. His ability to remove pain in horses as well as people is truly amazing.

Grant Showalter, age 22, started in the horse business when his family decided to build a large boarding facility in Virginia. For 6 years, Grant worked building and managing the farm. During this time, he met Dougie who introduced him to “the team” and their therapy work. Grant caught on quickly and has been apprenticing with Dougie and Corky for the past 4 years. Grants most recent accomplishment includes being the team therapist for Area 6 Young Riders at the Championship in 2008.

To book you time with Doug and Grant, please contact Nikki as soon as possible as spots will fill fast!