I apologize for my tardiness in updating the site! 2011 has been nothing short of a gong show for me so writing was definitely not on my ‘must do today’ list!

As the season and year are over, I’m not going to write about it but move onto 2012!

January to July 2010

January to July 2010

Yes, I said it! 2010…. This year has just flying by and I just seem to be one step behind. My apologies for not keep the news up to date but really, I almost feel there is not any extra time in the day to sit and write. So here I am on my day off trying to remember what has transpired in the past 7 months so bear with me and my ‘squishy’ memory.

The year started with a number of clinics including Lynne Larsen, who has been coming to Harmony for the past 8 years. Jean Moyer arrived at the beginning of February for some serious butt kicking in the dressage arena. Which, it’s kinda funny but we all REALLY appreciated it. Hmmm…. Anyway, we all got the Olympic fever mid February and with it, fabulous weather. We even managed to get out to the track to do our time trials a month earlier than we had in the past!

I could definitely go on for some time about the team spirit and Canadiana that went with the February fever but I realize that I only have so much space to write!

In March we managed to get some cross country schooling in before I left with Ginni to compete in California. Mainly Island 22 as the footing was very good and quite a few of the jumps were already out and ready for use. Alright, back to California…. I’ll try and keep this short but there are sooo many adventures to tell you about! This year I was happy to share my trip South with friend Ashley Harris and her green TB Charlie. And when I mean green, I mean, never has been to a show and has only schooled x-country 2x’s! Looking back on it, I think we really were crazy. What possessed she and I to take to green horses that have only ever been on a trailer for not more than 2 hours at a time for a 2 day journey….Anyway, we DID learn quite a bit about them along the way. For example. Ginni is EXCELLENT when trailer tires blow right behind her, 2 times for that matter. She stands quite well. (thank God for the $700 kick pads that are mounted behind her) Charlie is a little more nervous than she is but refuses to complain. Also in protest, he refuses to drink. The other thing we leaned is that when your trip on the second day is supposed to only take 12 hours and it actually takes 18 the horses come off the trailer at a strange place and are quite attached to each other. In fact, they MUST see each other at ALL TIMES for the next 2 weeks. This includes your dressage test as well as x-country, lessons and grooming time.
The good news is, Charlie was excellent and Ginni won her division! She also came home with a brand new nick name…. THE MONSTER. I’m quite happy to say, the trip home was far less eventful.

Once home, HF was able to return to its usual business…. We spent quite a bit of April schooling x-country and getting ready for the girls first event of the season, Mt. Cheam. And for May, NWEC and then some of us headed down to Washington for the Kyle Carter clinic. Which I must say was great! I tried to get him to come to HF but there was not enough interest to bring him up. I’m hoping that in October, before the weather gets gross again, I can bring him up. Keep your eye on the clinics page for further details on Kyle as well as Jean Moyer.

So this kind of brings us up to speed on the happenings of HF. So far in June, we have attended MREC and also Aspen Farms. Oh, and that ones a great story! I’m pretty sure that if you ask anyone who was there that weekend how the ‘driveway’ was upon arrival, they will all tell you ‘I’m pretty happy that I have a 4 X 4’! And really, even that was not guarantee that you were actually able to get into the parking/camping area. I heard that they were under water a couple of days before we all arrived!

This weekend we are off to Inavale and then I go on to teach YR camp in Area VII with some BC young riders in tow to join in!

So, there are many changes that have come about over the past year, almost too many to mention….and some sadness. But I really want to focus on the positives! Tiffany York has purchased a new horse and is now broke and ready for lessons. Hana Price has joined us and is now leasing Indy and Kate Meffen has purchased Liffie . We have several newcomers to the farm, welcome to Kika Ross and Fergus, Leah Woodhouse and Cinnamon, Amanda Barbillion and her horse Nikki and finally, Barb Markuk and her new horse, Bird. Also waiting the arrival of Lucinda Sisk and her horse Jesse, all the way from Arizona!

So, I’m hoping that I can keep up to date with everything going on at the farm in the future! Keep tunin in…..




Wow. That’s pretty much all I can say about 2008. It went by in a wink it seemed. Everyone at HF’s was all very busy and unfortunately there is way too much to say about it without taking up all the letter space! So, I’m going to try and pull the highlights out so it may not be in complete order but it will be as it appears in my head! In April, several HF members attended and rode in the HTBC spring series clinic in Johvale while I coached for the 3 days. We all had a great time up there, the girls were all ready for the event season to start, weather co-operated and all horses came home sound! I think this is pretty much where it all gets blurry for me as the next 4 months were a whirlwind. In May, Michelle Meacher, Marissa Wolfe, Katie Jenkins and I all traveled to Colorado to attend the CCI 1*. Many super memories of which included Katie Morgan, her dog and a goat! Oh and of course the ‘vaulting horse’ of which I got pictures of….

June was more of a quiet month, really the calm before the storm… In July we attended Avalon (BC Championships) of which Independence won the Training level, Whidbey Island and Rebecca Farms. But that was not the end of traveling for me! The day after Rebecca Farms, Andi Warner and I flew to Denver to meet up with Marissa and her family for NAYRC. And that was an experience all on its own. Marissa did extremely well and ended up placing 6th individually! Next up was to fly home and get ready for the Campbell valley event. I have not ridden at that event in many, many years for various reasons but I decided this year I would ride Indy and also debut Ginni. Both horses were excellent and exceeded my expectations. I was finally able to breathe a little before September and soon was heading to Island 22 with students and Ginni in tow. Everyone rode very well and horses performed to the best of their abilities. Soon after, we packed up the trailer for Avalon. I decided to upgrade Independence to the Preliminary level as she had finally proven her bravery over this past year’s events. The event definitely had its ups and downs, Indy being the explosive red head managed to keep her head about herself for dressage but I was less than happy with her antics in the ring! The cross country course was difficult (as the TD remarks “with a couple of changes, this would be a great 1* course”) but Indy stepped up to the challenge and galloped free of fence penalties. Much to my delight at the end of the event, she placed 1st! Last event of the season was at NWEC. Not much to say…Poured rain, cold and the course took its toll on many riders. The good news was that Paul Wolfe was there and managed to rig up a cozy little area using my trailer awning, tarp and heater!

Well, now we’re into 2009. We (along with the rest of BC) had a brutal winter and spring to start off with. Snow and cold weather made cross country and schooling shows almost impossible for the months of Feb and March of which we attend at least one or two each month. So with a slow start, we had a two day clinic at the beginning of April, one day show jumping and the other was at the galloping track to practice our times before heading out for the season. Thankfully the weather co-operated and we all had a wonderful weekend! The next outing was another clinic at MREC and Island 22, mid April. Again, we lucked out with fabulous weather which made the footing great, water jumps full and best of all, NO MOSQUITO’S!!!

February had a couple of us heading down to California for the first of 3 shows. Ram Tap was the first of the season and it was Marissa and myself to ride. Marissa ended up placing 3rd in the Intermediate division. I catch rode Kay (as Indy was abscessing) in the Novice division and ended up 7th.

Marissa then rode at 3 Day Ranch finishing 2nd, Galway Downs CIC 2* finishing 5th and then Twin Rivers CCI 2* finishing in 3rd and thus qualifying for NAYRC this year. All events were down in California.

The first event out back home was at MREC where Julie was the sole HF rider, riding two horses. We were all very excited for her when she won the event on her Training horse from beginning to end and was 3rd on her Entry horse.

The next one was NWEC in the US. The weather was good (compared from last October) and all riders were pleased with their rides. Kate Meffen who was riding sales horse Indigo Sky lead her division of Beginner Novice (and Indy’s first event), won her division from her dressage score of 29.5!

The season is starting off with a bang for us all and hopefully we will keep the ball rolling with much success!


Dec 29 2007

2007 in a Nutshell!

Seems the past year has just flown by for us. I’ll try and recap as much as I can remember. I have been very busy this year with many projects, teaching and ‘other’ stuff which pretty much took up any extra time for me to sit down and write!

January and February took much patience from all of us with the weather! If you remember, it snowed like crazy and we had much wetness to deal with. Most weekends that we had planned to go out and attend a schooling show was squashed and not to mention the fact that we had to wait till almost April to get out and play on the x-country fields. So I think I’ll start in April which is when most of the action started for us.

As most people know, I am the current HTBC young riders coach for the 2007/2008 season! This is a very exciting yet challenging time for me for many reasons. I started out in my new position teaching a clinic up at Chase Creek for the HTBC spring series clinics. We had fantastic weather and I had a chance to meet many new riders and also catch up with some ‘old’ friends and riders. I’ll see if I can attach a photo (one of my fav’s) from the clinic that has my ‘horse show mom’ in it with a good friend dressed for the weather. They may kill me for putting on here but hey, ya gotta live dangerously sometimes!

Some of the HF group entered the lower mainland clinic and had a fantastic time, despite the weather (rain of course). They loved having Jane Stone teach them and also Jonathon Elliott show them an easier way…. Our first event was at Mt. Cheam where everyone did really well. It was Telly’s first event out with Marissa piloting her around had a great ride on her posting clear rounds for the weekend. In May, due to Mother Nature, the May long weekend event was cancelled. Instead, we held our first ‘camp’ at MREC the same weekend. I think we had around 18 riders turn out and most actually camped there! It rained. I can’t even pretend that it didn’t. But the good news is that we still had our BBQ every night and played games. I have to thank Leonore for her fabulous cooking skills on the Barby, I just could not do it without her! It was so fun that we just might do it again this year but not until July or perhaps August if there is a free weekend.

July was an extremely busy month. Let’s see…. On June 30, we had a new arrival at HF. Queen Radish delivered a very beautiful baby boy who I named Lenny. He is the mirror image of his mother! Then on July 3 Daisy Mae arrived and she looks just like her Daddy. If you remember, I bred both Radish and Star to Mark Todd’s stallion, Aberjack. Both babies are just wonderful! They are so curious and happy…. We can hardly wait 3 years to see how they grow up! Oh and speaking of growing up, Ginni is now broke and being ridden. All 17 hands of her! So much for our baby who had little chance as a foal of surviving much less for growing and turning out as well as what she has. Every time Eric (Martin) comes to the farm he comments on the fact that he just cant believe how big and healthy she is.

Back to July. Yes, every weekend was an event. Whidbey Island saw about 12 HF riders turn out, some repeat riders, some new to the site. And the great thing is that several of us either placed 1st or 2nd, and everyone placed in their division. We then went onto MREC and then some went to Rebecca Farms in Montana. This was my second ‘assignment’ as Young Riders coach. I was very pleased with everyone’s results, whether they placed or not. I was also very excited to meet up with many of my friends that event down in the US that I don’t get much chance to visit often.

The rest of the summer seems to go in a bit of a blur. Due to the fact we evented, went to many schooling shows and schooled x-country almost every weekend. I also took on the task of painting all paddocks this summer and also painting my show jumps! Of course I had the help of painting extraordinaire, Julie Bion. Oh and her new addition, baby John. Yup, she had her baby in April to everyone at the barns delight! The girls and their moms all fell in love with him and everyone enjoyed holding him and bouncing him during Julie’s riding lessons.

At the end of September, I drove down to Twin Rivers in Southern California to compete Indy, have Telly hang out down there and also for Julie to compete and sell Duke. Then once again at the end of October, I packed up the trailer again and Indy, Telly and this time, Michelle Stockwell and her horse Konner made the trip down to Temecula to compete at Galway Downs. We were able to keep our horses at Kingsway farms for the week that we were down there so our horses were able to be turned out into paddocks all night and most of the daytime. I also want to thank my good friends Hawley and Gamel for their hospitality at their house. Once again, super friends, food, fun and good times.

In October, I stepped down from being a Director with CVES. It was a hard decision but it need to be done so that it would provide more time to be spent with my business and horses. HTBC also held their AGM the 3rd weekend of October. I managed to secure ‘Elvis’ for entertainment this year and OMG it was fun! I’m not too sure how I can top this one but I’ll be working on it soon enough. If you have any suggestions, please let me know and I’ll do my best. It’s funny how I knew every song that he sung… This DOES NOT mean that I am old! I just love Elvis, who doesn’t?


June 18 2007

Another busy summer for all of us at Harmony Farms!

July saw many of us travel to Whidbey Island again for their wonderful event. This year WI was the host site for the Pacific Northwest Team. Many of the team members were riders from HF riding the Novice (PT), Training and Preliminary level! The WI pony club had added several new fences to all divisions which rode beautifully and of course their famous Mardi Gras party held after x-country was fun. In addition to all this, the US PNWT’s put on a volleyball game where everyone on the US and Canadian teams competed for the coveted trophy “the golden boot”. With much determination and skill (thanks girls) the Canadians won best out of 3 games! At the end of the event, everyone came home with ribbons, prizes, new friends and goals attained.

The next weekend several HF riders went to MREC where the entries were up, weather was great and the competition was tough. The weekend went by very quickly but everyone had fun and there were no disappointments and several ribbons were also taken home that weekend.

The third week of July, I packed up and headed to Montana with Michelle S. and Tiffany Y. The trip down this year was uneventful (thankfully) and the horses traveled well. The weather was extremely hot (not kidding, 117 F on x-country day) but funny enough, didn’t feel that hot as it was also very dry. The horses did ok, had many showers to cool down but they were still hot and would sweat just standing in their stalls. The x-country course was beautiful and there were many, many riders there. I think there was somewhere in the numbers of 400 rides. In the CIC*** world cup qualifier there was around 20 rides! The Canadians all did very well and most came home with ribbons to show for their hard work. If you go to the Rebecca Farms web site at you can see all the results. The horses were happy to be home were it was just as hot but they were able to stretch their legs out in their paddocks and have a couple of days off.

August was a very special month for me. While we were in Montana, Rose loaded her horse and headed east to compete at NAYRC in Virginia. It was a 5 day trip for her and Dreamer and she was definitely happy to arrive at the farm were she was staying! Dreamer traveled well and when she took him out for a light hack, he had his own celebration about his arrival. I tossed the idea around for some time about weather or not I should go to NAYRC to support and experience this event. Through some chats with friends in Montana and with Rose, I decided I was crazy not to go! I arrived at the event site late at night, thanks to the airline leaving my luggage in Chicago. I opted to stay at the airport and wait for the luggage as it held a few items that Rose needed for cross country and of course a bunch of Canadian flags! The next morning, I went directly to the office to get my ID and a map of where everything was. Found Dreamer and said Hi to a few Canadians hanging in the barn area. After snooping around the grounds, I managed to have some time to watch some fancy Dressage and Show Jumping. In the afternoon, there was the Jog for Rose of which she passed without hesitation. Rose had a good, solid Dressage test of which put her in 9th place. The cross country course was a nice inviting course that did not seem to present any problems fence wise. However, my concern was the HUGE rolling hills and hard ground. Rose and Dreamer (who was very fit) had no issues with hills and came in under time and moved to 8th place. Dreamer recovered well after and then came all the icing and walking to prepare for the next day. Unfortunately, Dreamer had some swelling in one leg and Rose decided not to present him for Jog on Sunday. Although there was disappointment, Rose handled herself and the situation professionally and I am very, very proud of her and her achievements!

I think I can speak for all of us at Harmony Farms that would like to say CONGRATULATIONS ROSE for all your goals reached, efforts and support you have given us and the ability to inspire all riders! Thank you for giving us that.

As soon as I arrived home from NAYRC, it was time to think about Campbell Valley event. I think just about all of HF went! The weather (as you know) was awesome, x-country courses, dressage rings and stadium were all well done and organized. I managed to have a catch ride there, a very nice young mare that I managed to ride a few times prior to the event. The cross country course was tough but we all managed to get around. I think it left some of us a little more determined to get out there again and tackle the “problem” fences next time! Stadium went well for all and everyone left happy and looking forward to the next event.

September has been just as busy! Island 22 had its up’s and down’s. Dressage day was successful and the new improved x-country also-successful but stadium, designed by Pam Arthur, was a great challenging course that required focus, skilled riding and patience. I think there were perhaps 5 clear rounds out of the day! That really gave us the kick in the pants to get going with our show jumping rounds.

Only a few of us (6 I think) went to Avalon two weeks later. They had 160 entries over 2 days so you can imagine that you had to be on the ball for the first day! Dressage was in a grass field and the show jumping was in the sand arena. The first day went smoothly and everyone was placing or close to after the first day. The second day, our luck ran out with the weather. Rain. The going for x-country was slick, many of us had time penalties but we all came home safe and sound. Many moved up in placing or held their placing so it was a nice way for some to end their event season.

I’d like to welcome Kate Meffen and her new pony, (previously owned by Erin Silo) Little Red, Maureen Mantinelli and her young warmblood mare Amy, Barb Markuk and Sid and finally Shannon Witt and Mystery.

Congratulations to Michelle Wand on her purchase of Blue and to Julie Bion who is expecting her first baby in April.

Finally, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Radish and Star on their confirmed pregnancy to Aberjack! Both mare’s are due on the same day early to mid July. Many thanks to David Paton and Eric Martin on their persistence and expertise on breeding these mares!

aberjack _____________________________________________________________________________

April through June 2006

Well, I must apologize for my tardiness! These past few months have been flying by for all of us at HF.

April was a great month for all of us and it started out with the HTBC spring series clinic at MREC. Several of us also attended Sunnyside saddle club and their 2 phase the following weekend just prior to riding at Mt. Cheam. The weather held out for the first time in years for us and just about everyone placed so it really started the event season off well for our group.

I soon headed off to watch Badminton with my wonderful friend Mia in May. It was a very long plane ride (especially for Mia who was ill!) but we both agreed that it was well worth it! We stayed at a bed and breakfast close to the event sight and on the first night there, we went for a walk in the field that was across the street from us and saw some fox’s! No wonder there are so many people there that are for the live fox hunting, there are just as many fox’s there as there would be coyotes here. We also met some new friends, “the Germans”. They were staying at the same B&B as us and we became friends in a short period of time and had some great conversations over diner every night. They drove us every day to the event in the “German super car” and filled us in with all the inside details of the European riders. You know, the who has done this and who has done that. Needless to say, we were well informed! We took so many photo’s and watched the most amazing riders and horses compete, it would take me several pages just to tell you all our stories. If you want to see any photo’s or chat about it, come find me at the next event. I would love to tell you everything!

As soon as we came home it was off to Johvale. We all had a great time, and it was a nice way to get all our horses back into the swing of things. I even had booked David Freeze to come out and give one of his talks to us after cross country day. All of us attended and even some of our friends came to listen and join in with us. The only thing that soured it for me was that I got stuck again! It started to POUR rain as we were getting ready to leave and of course most of you know, the driveway gets very slippery.

June was arriving very quickly and so was the second MREC event. Thankfully, it was an uneventful event with no injuries and a few of us getting ribbons! On the 22nd of June, a bunch of us headed over to Avalon for the Ian Roberts clinic. The weather was perfect and the event site itself was looking great! The first day we rode in the show jumping ring, working on our positions, getting our horses to engage further and testing our turning skills thru a series of jumps. The second and third day was fun as we headed out onto the cross country course to work on all those “fuzzy” areas that we get ourselves into! Ian even made a small Berlin wall out of a ditch for us to work on. Indy of course was a dork there but I guess if we didn’t have that to work on, there would be something else to work on! Ahhh, these chestnut mares….. Always a challenge.

Speaking of chestnut mares, Ginni is looking fantastic! She has made several trips to the park with her big sister to hang out and be a big girl. Georgie has surprised us all and is turning into a very brave and laid back horse; she’s been jumping small courses at home, over all the jumps with filler in it. Mia and I purchased a mare awhile ago (chestnut of course!) and she is going to be something else. Very cool, take it as it comes type of horse. Telly will be going into her first 2 phase at Sunnyside in August so I’ll let you all know how that turn out.

Congratulations to Jane Stone’s niece Kate on her purchase of Mia’s beautiful mare Grace. It is a wonderful home and we all look forward to seeing her at some events in the future.


January through March 2006

Well now, 2006 has definitely arrived! January and February were busy months with Lynne Larson and Hawley Bennett clinics to start the year off. It was great to see them back again for the 4th and 3rd year, teaching the technical aspects involved in stadium jumping and making rider correction. Lynne is always insightful for the mind and Hawley bringing forth her much valued and current information that she accumulates through being on the Canadian Team! Keep your eye on the clinics page for upcoming clinics with Dave Freeze, myself and a very special out of town clinician.

On February 4th, several of us went out to the Fun Castle in Abbotsford for a get together. Way too much fun for all of us. It’s actually funny to see all these type “A” people out there being competitive with one another playing fooze ball and miniature golf! (By the way, my team won!) So with our tickets won, we proceeded to claim our most sought after prizes, candy.

Also in February, Harmony Farms held a very successful pub night at the Tidewater Pub on River Road in Delta. It was fun to see so many people turn out in support of HF and also to have a great time with friends and family. Thank you to all who showed up and congratulations to all the 50/50 draw winners and also to the people who won the silent auction items!

In March, we were most honored to have Dave Freeze come for a Sports Psychology session. It was completely filled to the brim with 4 groups of 2 hours each with riders from all over the lower mainland. Several girls rode or had a lesson after their session and when Dave was done his last session, came down from the lounge and counseled them after their ride. Then on Sunday, several of us went to the 2 phase at MREC and put to test our skills learned from the day prior. It made a huge difference to the way we were thinking and the process to which we handed our successes and our disappointment. All we could say is, “Thanks Dave!” With the sunny weather, we were off cross country schooling at MREC and Island 22. Everyone was quite pleased with the progress they have been making over the winter months and excited to finally put their skills to test! Seems that there is a calm before a storm, all horses that have been out have been very well mannered for their first times out. This is not very usual for Harmony Farm horses…..

We have several new Team Harmony members. Welcome to Amanda Smith and her long time companion, Pharley. Sam Bateman and her “Charming Guy” from Ontario and Victoria Salsbury with her leased mount, Indi. Returning rider, Jessica Lowen who is leasing the GREAT, Queen Radish and Anne Donaldson who is splitting her riding time between Queen Radish and Princess Georgia. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Anne out competing with Georgia and Jessica and Anne bringing the Queen of HF out of semi retirement to do some dressage shows.

Speaking of Radish, we will be breeding her again to Aberjack this spring so fingers crossed that she will want to be a mommy again! Our “little” Virginia is not so little anymore. She has taken after her gorgeous father, Pallas Digion and is now standing at 16HH at the age of 2! I have found a wonderful 80 acre field close by for Ginni to spend her summer with a bunch of other babies to plany with and to grow up with. Keep your eye out for her next year at the schooling shows.


October through December 2005

Wow, another year has gone by and so much has been accomplished at Harmony Farms. With October approaching and everyone at Harmony Farms waving goodbye to Kristy as she set out for a 3 month teaching assignment in India, several of us were off to MREC for our last hurrah of our 2005 eventing season. Everyone did very well and we had several riders upgrade at this event. Next up on our very busy social calendar, was the Year End banquet for Horse Trials BC. It was held this year in Langley at a rather quaint venue. With 125 people at the dinner and awards, the evening proved worthwhile for all… Of course there was the soon to be legendary basket donated to the Young Riders from all of us that was bid up and won by our President of HTBC Ron Trickett. Several Harmony Farms students went on to win year end awards and many of us had a great time dancing the night away with a live band.

With the cold weather approaching and clinics on the way, many horses received beautification in the way of a body clip. I sometimes think that the horses know a lot more about the upcoming winter than what any weatherman would know especially with all the hair coming off of them!

In November Rose and I went on a road trip to California to compete at the Galway Downs event held in Temecula. We were accompanied by not only the two of the best grooms around, but fantastic friends Dana and Lauren. Rose competed on Dreamer in the CCI * division and placed 6th out of 47 riders (not bad for her first 3 day!) and I rode Indy in the Novice division and ended up in 3rd out of 25 rides. We had a wonderful time at the event and an even better time off property. Every day and night we were off doing something fun and adventurous. Albertsons and Disneyland will never be the same after we were there…. Eventually we made our way home and after a well rested vacation, it was back to work.

Hawley Bennett came up to teach a clinic at the end of November which was packed with many different levels of riders and horses. The first day of the clinic, several people joined in a Dressage lesson and worked their tail feathers off. The second day was grid work focusing on position and on Sunday, Hawley had set up an exercise that had very difficult turns and it definitely challenged many of us. Remember girls “LOOK UP”!

In December, Lynne came to do a two day jumping clinic. It’s always great to have Lynne back again as she’s had many people that have been with her for many years. The first day was two different grids that she set up to test the horses and riders ability to be adjustable and the second day was larger fences with difficult turns. It’s good that the things that Hawley is teaching is very similar to what Lynne teaches. This way, riders are less likely to get confused with too many different styles of riding.

Make sure that you keep your eye on the H.F. web site as I am in the works of bringing in a clinician that every Eventer will want to ride with! I look forward to 2006 being a fantastic event season with several more H.F. riders upgrading and some making their first appearance of the Event scene. I would like to welcome the following riders and congratulations to the purchases of new horses to: Lauren and Lucy Redies with their wonderful new horse Umbra. And a very special congratulations to Julii Bion for her new career as our “Finest in Blue” an RCMP officer. And definitely Emily who is very dear and close to my heart is in Saskatchewan attending Veterinary school!

June through August 2005

What a full summer we have had out at Harmony Farms! June’s weather was less than desirable but we certainly made good use out of the days that were sunny and warm. As a group, we were off to Creekside event in Westbank the second week of June where the weather didn’t really want to co-operate with our plans of setting up our blow up pool so instead we sat under the awning and played games. Rose upgraded to Prelim and Michelle up to Pre-Training, both had great rides and felt very positive about their moves up. The third weekend we went to MREC where everyone had a great time and enjoyed the weather. On the last weekend of June, we were fortunate enough to school x-country at Campbell Valley. Many new riders who had never evented before joined us for this schooling and had such a great time, decided they wanted to try an event!

July was packed with events and schooling shows. First it was off to Whidbey Island in the U.S. where everyone did extremely well. All of us had clear rounds for x-country and many of us had the best dressage scores to date down there! Stadium was a challenging course complete with a pirate ship in the middle of it. With ribbons in hand and prizes won, our confidence was soaring!

The following weekend it was off to MREC for their 50th anniversary celebration and event the following weekend. Soon after returning from MREC, Rose, Mia and I packed the trailer and left for Rebecca Farms event in Montana. This was a wonderful event and with over 300 entries (4 training divisions alone)! We saw some fantastic riding from the 3 *** and 2 ** CIC divisions over a beautifully designed x-country course and the dressage and stadium both took place in the same arena that had this cool footing that they call “air footing”. Many Canadian were there and everyone did well and goals were achieved.

August was just as busy it seems. The first weekend we were out schooling x-country at Campbell Valley again. All groups were successful and everyone enjoyed themselves. The last two groups of the day were the Prelim to Advanced riders consisting of Christine, Kourtney, Anne, Rose and Sarah and boy did I had fun with them! We jumped all the technical lines that were open for us and worked mainly on “pushing” the horses up into our hands and keeping them completely straight. The good news is that no one went for a swim this time!

The second weekend was the Campbell Valley event. Everyone enjoyed the event and the weather could not have been better! Richelle Cornell had her debut on her new horse Sierra, and Mia Sheldon on Argos. Lisa Shultz had a great comeback on her mare from a year and a half off. We will be seeing these girls upgrading in September to Green and Pre Training levels.

Several new teams arrived at Harmony Farms this summer. Welcome to Barb Pesut and congratulations on your purchase of Teddy. We have a couple of sisters, Lisa and Tracy Flescher with their colorful horses Hyack and Cheyenne. Lucy and Lauren Redies from New Jersey, who will be leasing Radish until we find them a suitable horse to purchase. And finally, Kelly and Robin who are each leasing Jay. Both girls have been on a bit of a break from riding and are keen to get back into it!


March through May 2005

Where has the time gone??? Event season in full tilt now we have been busy, busy, busy! March brought us Hawley Bennett to teach a clinic again, however, this time it was one day at Harmony Farms and then the second day was out onto the cross country course at MREC for the groups. Hawley was really creative with her exercises and gave great insight to an efficient way as riders, position wise, to gallop our horses.

With the weather (sort of) co-operating for the rest of March, we were able to get out to school cross country at Island 22 and MREC a couple of times. With our momentum gathering, we entered April with a great start. The first weekend, I did a cross country clinic, one day at MREC and the second at Island 22. It was well attended (if I say so myself!) and I met some really fun people who were game for almost anything. For the second weekend, many students attended the HTBC spring series clinic with Sonya Crampton and Trisha Dahms.

We had great weather for both days and everyone had a great time and learned lots. For some, it was the first school of the season and there was much excitement produced from their horses. The third weekend was a 2 Phase at Sunnyside Saddle Club and the fourth weekend was our first event of the season, Mt. Cheam. It was well attended as I think they had just over 100 entries! Everyone did very well, personal goals achieved, and ribbons won, we were looking forward to a great season.

May is almost over and everyone has been working hard at their Dressage and Jumping. MREC and Osoyoos had fantastic weather and the new trailer was definitely a great addition for us!

Harmony Farms is awaiting our new arrival, due in mid July. Keep an eye on the website for our “pictures page”. We will also be adding a new link for students to put a picture and a biography onto so you can get to know a little more about some of the gang.

I would like to also say a big HELLO and WELCOME to some of our new clients: Barb Edmonson and her fantastic horse, Calisto, Taryn Myddleton, Lisa Shultz and her beautiful grey mare Renee, Erin Wylie and her cool looking horse Ryder, and Karen Burk with her horse, Indy (not the same as my Indy). Heather Bogdan and her cute young mare. I would also like to welcome Mark Lawand. Mark is joining us after a long hiatus from eventing back East and is riding Joy Richardson’s big grey, Comet.

January to February 2005

Wow, this year has started out busy! And cold! Harmony Farms scheduled a monthly jump school day that turned out to be a big success. Many new jumps built and painted over the summer gave riders the opportunity to school their horses and ponies in preparation for the Hunter Jumper days at Thunderbird and Greystone.

The Lynne Larsen clinic was scheduled for the third weekend of January but with the few weeks of cold weather, many people were not able to ride and prepare their horses for the clinic so unfortunately we had to cancel.

February, however, was a great month for weather and clinics! I was lucky enough to schedule a clinic with Amy Tryon for the second weekend and boy was that a great time! The clinic filled with riders ranging from green horses up to intermediate types early on and we had many people come just to audit the classes. The lessons held maximum 4 riders so everyone felt that they really were able to achieve what was being taught. The main focus was straightness, balance, engagement and of course position of rider. Amy set up a fantastic grid that certainly challenged all horses and riders. I was fortunate enough along with a few others to watch the entire clinic and what I missed in my lesson, I picked up in the other classes. Amy is a very positive coach with a vast amount of knowledge accumulated from years of riding many different horses, competing at high level events, riding and training with some of the very best coaches in the world. Everyone at the clinic enjoyed themselves, auditors appreciated the heated lounge to listen and view the classes and the concession stand was an added bonus with hot chili and sandwiches to munch on throughout the day.

We were all still soaking up Amy’s clinic when Hawley Bennett showed up for her clinic the following weekend. Several of the riders that were in the clinic the previous weekend also rode in Hawley’s. It was also attended by several Pony Club members and we met some new riders that are hooked on eventing. Hawley has incredible energy teaching and personality. The focus for her lessons were of course… straightness, balance (does this sound familiar?) and rider position. We also were selling posters for Hawley as a fundraiser. Her plan for this year is to travel to England and compete at Badminton! We wish Hawley all the best in the coming year.

Keep a look out for more clinics offered at Harmony Farms with Lynne, Amy and Hawley in the near future!

2004 Highlights

Harmony Farms has had another successful year in eventing within our team. Some of the highlights include many of the girls upgrading this year. We saw Richelle, Emily, & Rose move up to the Training division. Tiffany, Ali, Jean and Jessica moved up to Pre-Training. Harmony Farms’ new group of girls: Michelle Wand, Julie Bion & Morgan Mercer did well this season and all moved up a level this year. Lindsay Wand, also a new member, debuted this season at the Pre Green level and did extremely well. Rejoining us is Lisa Andrews, who has ridden with myself in the past, and after taking a 5 year break is back & riding Candy.

After a lengthy injury, my young horse Indy made an exciting comeback. She successfully competed at four events this year including her first two Training events.

In March of this year I was fortunate enough to lease Indy’s mother Radish from Jane Stone to breed. I left the season late and finally decided on a New Zealand thoroughbred eventing stallion named “Aberjack” who is currently owned by Mark Todd.

In June we received our newest addition to our horsey family. Star gave birth to a beautiful little girl that we named “Virginia”. Her father is an Irish Sport Horse named “Pallas Digion”.

Finally for 2004, we are happy to report that everyone who rode this season has achieved their goals that were set earlier on. The following people received HTBC Year End Awards:

Michelle Wand - Green
Tiffany York - Pre Training
Rose Rogawski - Training
In 2005, we are excited about the following clinicians coming:
Lynn Larson, always wonderful, is back again for a third season. Her clinics are very educational for the rider, and the horses seem to progress.
Amy Tyron, member of the US 2004 Olympic bronze medal team, will be here for the first time in February 2005.
Hawley Bennett, a member of the Canadian 2004 Olympic team, is going to be doing a series of clinics in 2005, including some cross-country clinics in the spring and summer.

2002 2003 Highlights

What an exciting first couple of years!! In February 2002, Harmony Farms officially opened for business. Our first boarders were Renee Britton and her horse Lois, & Jean Sanderson and her new horse Aurora. For this year, we had several new team members arrive: Rikki, Richelle and Carol Cornell, Alita Stoelers, Kristy and Erin Bates, and Kat and Tanis Anderson.

Samantha Farrell and Dorothy vd Snepscheut both upgraded to the Training level. Both did very well and Samantha worked very hard and achieved a 4th place finish at her first Training 3-day event. She also won “Best Young Rider Turnout” for that event.

Nikki was able to ride some pretty nice horses this season. Joy Richardson’s horses Comet and Spirit signed up for some training and Comet went into his first ever event at Campbell Valley and did very well. Nikki teamed back up with her horse Kexs in 2002/ They competed at a couple of American events including: Deep Creek, Prelim - 1st Place, and Whidbey Island, Intermediate - 3rd Place.

We were honored to have clinician Buck Davidson teach us in the Summer and Winter of 2002. We worked on grids to improve the way our horses jumped, cross country exercises to improve our eye and understanding of how to ride certain fences, and finally dressage where Kelly can honestly say she worked hard.

In April, we added one to our horse family. Georgia arrived! A pretty bay girl (soon to turn grey) by Sky White, a thoroughbred stallion.

In 2003, everyone (almost) sold and bought horses. Kelly Starrak, and Bonny Stasuk both moved up to the Training level and Kelly qualified to do the Training 3-day at Chase Creek. Tiffany York joined Harmony Farms, as did Michelle and Lindsay Wand. In February, Nicole Robert-Mortimer also joined Harmony Farms while her regular coach was eventing back east. Congratulations to her for winning the first two events of her season. Steph Hewitt arrived from Quebec to ride with us in January on her amazing horse Oway. We wish her well in her future events back east.

Improvements were made at Harmony Farms, lean-to’s were built, the lounge was finished and round-pen was built.

Many HTBC year end awards were handed out to the Harmony Farms team. Congratulations to all!!!


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